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Since 1960


Our Metal Ofset Printing Technology 
Mumcu Teneke , metal ofset printing unit 4 color printing can be made and used in the production of raw materials for industry leading manufacturer provides.
Production expert staff and experienced staff working with customers to provide quality services Mumcu Teneke, “ Carefully Produced, Secure Protection” with the principle of production.
Tin Can and Lid Production Technology
Mumcu Teneke 250 g  up to 250 kg of can product claims, various diameters and sizes, including square and cylindrical canister producing. While technological investment, occupational health and safety rules concerning  Mumcu Teneke, activities and enviromental pollution resulting from accident at work to take into account.
Plate Cutting Process
Mumcu Teneke plate shearing machine machine with automatic, giving less wastage and high quality. Using  automatic shearing machine with manuel shears experinced work-related accidents are preventable.
Can  Welding – Seaming Process
Mumcu Teneke production using the automatic seam welding machine get a more solid of can, giving less waste and solid welding process.
Powder  Lacquer and Protective Lacquer to Prevent Corrosion Of Use
Resources of the department to prevent corrosion to chemical and food products to be placed Mumcu Teneke, made upon customers request source core powder lacquer, outer portion uses the protective lacquer.
Can Box Production
Mumcu Teneke working with leading manufacturer of can candlestick maker machine technology is continuously updated. “ 17 kg  Can Production Line” with seams of  cans and tin anchors become more robuts, meets the expectations of customers in sealing.  With this line for chemicals and food products with produce 250 g up to 20 kg   and chemicals with produce 10 to 18 litres.
Can Lid Production 
Mumcu Teneke produces better quality and environmentally friendly mass production with full automatic lid (cover) production line.
Quality Control 
Raw materials and products at each stage is controlled by quality control personnel. Problem detection and immediate intervention is performed duting the production of the product.