We Keep It In Confidence Which Is Produced In Care...

Since 1960


  • Considering the environmental impacts with the investment in new projects.
  • Ensuring the re-use with using recycled materials.
  • Preventing the waste at it’s source and reducing the negative impact on the environment.
  • Protecting the environment and spreading it.
  • Identifying the risks for emergencies which is related to the environment and making plans to reduce the risks.
  • Ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural sources 
  • Identifying the environmental aspects and determining the impact of them. Fulfilling the legal requirements.
  • MUMCU TENEKE  develoing projects to reduce the resource consumption and control the damage to the land , water adn air.
  • MUMCU TENEKE established “Fatma Mum Solar Energy System” to produce electrical energy as an alternative to other energy sources and to contribute to the national economy with Turkey’s first 500 kW electrical energy capacity nailed pier system in a property plant which lies in Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone , in year 2013.