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Since 1960


Social Responsibilty Policy depends on quality, hygiene, environment, health and safety.
  • Protecting employees against accidents and risks, keep the work place from hazards and also keep the products and services in safe.
  • Preventing accidents and occupational diseases at work and avoid from non-ergonomic working conditions.
  • Ensuring business-human compliance.
  • Eliminating all forms of discrimination in hiring, wages and lay-offs, don’t operate children and young workers and also respect the right of all staff personnel.
  • Ensuring the pollution prevention with protecting the natural environment in all our activities.
  • Ensuring the controlled using of natural resources and expanding this awareness.
  • Following the energy usage for each process to develop projects for mitigation of using.
  • Using alternative energy sources to reduce the environmental and air pollution.
  • Realizing the continuous improvement in employee and customer satisfaction performance.
  • Supply the requirements of the law about labor legislation, environmental, health and safety.
Mumcu Teneke has been adopted the foundation of social responsibility management approach which is taking into account the expectations of society, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners.
Our Social Responsibility Policy towards;
  • We comply with the laws and regulations in our operations.
  • We respect the principles of human rights and labor.
  • We take all necessary measures to create the safe and healty work place athmosphere.
  • We adopt a preventive approach against environmental degradation for sustainable living and support the using of alternative sources.
  • We constantly improving our social responsibilityapproach to develop.